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CEM x Art

Let's celebrate the artistic community!

Le Centre Eaton de Montréal is a forerunner that motivates and shapes new Montreal trends in the retail and fashion industry. We exist to celebrate the uniqueness of Montreal and inspire an exceptional urban lifestyle.

We connect the members of the Montreal community and bring them together through a universal language: Art.

We support and celebrate the artistic community of Montreal by offering them a space where their creativity comes to life.


Discover our Fall 2021 Exhibition

Currently on display

Coral - An ode to marine life, this piece of art created by artist Pauline Loctin aims to emphasize the vulnerability and the limits of the environment. The flower, the theme of this work of art, resulted in an extraordinary coral reef tinted with autumnal colors.

Flowers are in the spotlight at Le Centre Eaton de Montréal.

Discover the trends of the moment interpreted by Pauline Loctin.

Exhibition in progress at the cube window, Sainte-Catherine street.

Meet the artist - Pauline Loctin

‘’It's really the people in this city who inspire me, because the community here is really supportive of artists.

People collaborate a lot and help each other. That's really the beauty of Montreal, I think; that's why, even when people leave, they always come back.’’